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Professional Counseling

- for Individuals and Couples

In today's stressful world, problems or issues arise that often lead to conflicts and unhappiness.  Brief solution focused therapy provides practical tools you can use every day. Whether your goal is to improve your marriage or other intimate relationship or better manage your own life, I can help.  By focusing on positive solutions you can develop the skills needed to improve communication, disengage from conflict, increase affection and intimacy, reduce stess and anxiety, heal old wounds, and move forward toward a happier life.   

Working together, we will develop an individualized plan that enables you to focus on realistic solutions to the problems you have identified.  Talking about problem issues in counseling sessions actually helps clarify where things are going wrong. 

Therapy is more than just talking, it is about the work you do outside of our sessions.  Part of solution focused therapy includes weekly homework assignments that most people find both challenging and enjoyable. 

The progress you make and the results you achieve are ultimately up to you and in the end a happier life is the reward you give yourself.

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Coaching for Change

Are you feeling your life is running on autopilot or perhaps you're tired of being stuck in that rut?  You don't feel you need therapy but wish you had someone to help you find a new path.  This is where coaching can really help. 

Coaching can be a great alternative when you are looking to discover new ways to think outside the box. I can assist as you reasess or develop goals, change priorities, identify unfulfilled dreams, make a career change or alter the course of your life. 

My approach is simple. Focusing on the future and, working together, we can develop a plan of action with specific steps designed to help you realize your vision. 

Coaching sessions are geared to help you achieve and recognize success and find ways to overcome obstacles.  Sessions typically take place over the course of several months, and include face-to-face and telephone sessions. 

Contact me to discuss your situation. 

Certified Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis*) is a process which combines deep physical relaxation with guided imagery. During this state of  relaxation your subconscious mind can focus and concentrate on seeing those positive changes you want to create in your life. 

Visualizing the goals you want to achieve can have a direct impact on creating them.  Some people wonder if they
can be hypnotized. The process I use is very simple and does not require any particular ability on your part.  All you need to do is relax, listen and imagine.

Most people are familiar with using hypnosis to help them stop smoking or for weight loss.  Hypnotherapy can also be effective for many other issues including anxiety, stress, insomnia and sleep problems, ED and other sexual difficulties, phobias,  personal problems and discontinuing unwanted behaviors.  Athletes too can benefit from hypnosis to help increase mental focus and reduce anxiety. 

Throughout the process, even though you are in a deep state of relaxation you remain in complete control of everything you experience. Hypnosis is most effective when people are motivated to change.

Consider multiple sessions for optimal results. No guarantee of results can be made. Call to discuss your specific situation. 

     (*Clinical hypnotherapy is not entertainment hypnosis.)
"Dana's ideas and concepts were so down to earth I could implement them at once"
Welcome to my blog, a place where I can muse outloud, offer you ideas to ponder and challenge you to think outside of your comfort zone.  My goal is to provide mental and emotional tools you can use to help feel better, or make your life less stressful, or to encourage you to focus on your positive self.  Although it is my intent to challenge negative thought, emotion and behavioral patterns in order to promote positive change, I do so only with a loving heart and supportive intent. Be well and find happiness!
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