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Hours, Rates, & Privacy

I believe even though we all struggle with similar problems there is no one particular solution that is best for everyone.  If you are looking for individual, marriage or couples counseling or hypnosis my goal is to help you feel better beginning with our first session.  Working together we will focus on your unique situation and on finding positive solutions to the issues important you.


Session Specifics

Counseling - Session times run approximately 60 - 75 minutes  rather than the more traditional 50 minutes. 
If you prefer more time, feel free to schedule a longer appointment.  I also offer half sessions when appropriate.  

You are in charge of how often you want to meet.  Most people initially prefer meeting on a weekly basis and as you
progress toward your goals, we will likely reduce our sessions to bi-weekly and even monthly or until you feel ready to
manage on your own and no longer require my help.  

Hypnotherapy - Sessions are determined by your particular issue and run approximately 45 minutes. Duing your initial session, we will discuss in detail what results you want to achieve.  As everyone is different, I individualize  hypnotherapy sessions to meet your particular needs.

Many people have never participated in hypnosis and may wonder what to expect.  For those people, the first session
is simply the process of relaxation and guided imagery.   I normally recommend between 3 and 5 sessions to achieve
optimal results.  Please be aware that no guarantee of results can be made.

Coaching - Sessions typically take place over several months and include face-to-face and telephone consultations.

I am available between sessions and you can feel free to  contact me via text (*), email, or phone  if you need to touch base
or have an issue you need to briefly discuss. This is a service I provide at no additional charge. My rate is $100 per session
hour. Payment is due at each appointment. I do not accept health insurance. Call today for your free phone consultation.

Office Hours

Payment Options

*  By appointment only
*  Monday - Friday
*  Closed weekends
*  Late appointment times available
*  Cash
*  Check
*  Credit/Debit/HSA cards
*  Insurance not accepted
"In working with Dana, I found her to be compassionate and supportive yet not once ever glossing over any truth I needed to hear or address."
 Interested in a secure private text app? Try Signal by Open Whisper Systems.  It's Free and HIPAA compliant.

(*) I now use Signal for encrypted confidential texting. If you are interested in receiving encrypted private texts you will also need to download Signal. If you do not choose encryption, please be advised that texts between us may not be confidential.                          

* I am not affiliated with Open Whisper nor do I receive any compensation.

Confidentiality & Your Protected Health Information

Confidentiality of information you share with me during private sessions is maintained within standard practices and may not be discussed or released to others without your express written permission, with the following exceptions;     
        *  Information you authorize to be shared (i.e.: with your physician,
                 a family member, for third party payment processing, etc.),                *  Mandated reporting of suspected abuse of children or the elderly,                *  If you report intent to do bodily harm to yourself or others, and                   *  When required by law, through court subpoena or other documented
                 legal request.

Your mental health records are considered protected health information (PHI) and governed by specific federal, state and local laws and regulations, including those transmitted electronically. Find out more about your rights here:

Dana Kinnard, LMHC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability, is an LGBT friendly business, & handicap accessible.
Why I do not accept Health Insurance for Payment
Insurance companies require that health care services, including counseling, be "medically necessary".  This means that in order to
justify your need for counseling including payments  -
your insurance company:  

         *  Will require you receive a psychiatric diagnosis.
         *  That diagnosis will go into your insurane file and likely
                 become part of your permanent medical history. 
         *  Your insurance company will determine your need for             
                 counseling, who you can see, and how many sessions
                 you may attend. 
        *  Anyone who handles and reviews your claim can see your
                 personal and medical information.

I believe that most people who come to see me are not sick but
rather are struggling with typical life issues. 

Mind over Matter ..... "If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." 
                                                                                  -   Mark Twain
Counseling, Hypnotherapy, & Coaching for Change