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The internet has become the #1 place people turn to for information, advice and referrals.  Below you will find a small selection of mental health related self help quizzes, articles, and resources from a variety of  websites. I encourage you to browse around and explore.  

Please be advised that these are in NO WAY A REPLACEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP, be that medical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Neither should they be considered as diagnostic tools, or endorsements by me, but rather information that I hope you find interesting and helpful.  
  A few interesting articles...                                 

 *  Mind Tools - Stress management

 *  Stop comparing yourself to others

 *  10 Ways to deal with financial stress

 *  What can women do about orgasm problems

 *  11 Mindfulness exercises each less than 1 min

 *  Killer Conversation Starters

  15 Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

  ... & apps for your consideration
  SAM - app to help manage anxiety
If you would like to suggest or request a resource, topic or support group added to this list, please drop me a note at "Get in Touch"
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Are you or someone you know experiencing any of the following?

          Speak Up.  Don't Be Silent.  Reach Out.  Get Help.

                   Suicide Prevention Resource Center
National Center for Domestic and Sexual Violence
Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault
National Runaway Hotline

                    *  Reporting Hate Crimes
                    *  Human Trafficking Hotline
* Not responsible for the claims, content, or representations of any external links.
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